Day Old Chicks
Brown Shaver Hens   $5ea  
Brown Shaver Hens (100+)   $4.60ea  
Cobb Meat Birds   $4ea  
Cobb Meat Birds (100+)   $3.50ea  
Discounts available bulk orders 500+, please enquire.


Day Old Chick Deliveries
 South Island Airfreight and bulk delivery
Delivery charge (30x Chicks - airfreight min.)   $23.50  

Delivery charge (up to 100x chicks)

Bulk delivery charges as above (demand dependant), we do 
offer a discount for chick orders of 15 or less - please enquire.


10 Week Old Brown shaver Hens
Pickup from Heslips Hatcheries   $16 ea
Bulk delivery to a central South Island pickup 
point (demand dependant)


16/18 Week Old Brown Shaver Hens
Pickup from Heslips Hatcheries 16/18 weeks   $21/$23.50 ea
Bulk delivery to a central South Island pickup 
point (demand dependant)@16 weeks
Bulk delivery to a central South Island pickup 
point (demand dependant)@18 weeks
Discounts available for orders 100+ (Please enquire)


Day Old Chicks

  • Sexed & Vaccinated
  • Boxed up for collection or delivery on day of hatch

Cobb Meat Birds

  • Specially reared meat bird
  • Ideal for free range rearing
  • Around 8 - 10 weeks from day old to average processed weight of 2.2 (size 22) – 2.4kg (free ranged).

We are happy to offer suport & advice to those considering first time rearing from Day Old - prior to ordering.

Getting Your Hens

Pickup from the Hatchery

Collection from our hatchery is welcome

Bulk Delivery

Brown Shaver and Cobb Meat chicks are available every 6 weeks and we offer extensive delivery throughout New Zealand, via Air NZ Airfreight.

For the older stock, there are deliveries to Christchurch every 6 weeks, and for other South Island options-approximately every 3 months for collection from a central point.

Future Availibility


Brown Shaver  & Cobb Meat Chicks -Friday 16 March 2018

Deliveries to Nelson*,  BLENHEIM*, Invercargill*, Dunedin*, Hokitika*, Whangarei**, Kerikeri**AUCKLAND** , CHRISTCHURCH & Ashburton !!

*AIRFREIGHT - min order of 30 day olds applies.

** North Island Airfreight Charge of $68 (Up to 200x day olds)


 POINT OF LAY HENS (18 week olds) - AVAILABLE NOW!!!!

Next point of lay stock available for other collection from Fairlie & to other South Island Areas (demand dependant)...

 Week 8 March 2018 @ 18 weeks