NEW from Heslips Hatcheries

Free Range Poultry Self-Feeder®

Created as a 4 piece part of LLDPE, in mist green and green.  The four pieces fit together to create a “timesaver” feeder for free range poultry - holding 170kg of your feed choice.

  • Piece one, sloped, secure fitting lid.
  • Piece two, sloped secure fitting rain shade.
  • Piece three, sloped cone shaped centre with surface for "gravity fed" feed placement around the edge.
  • Piece four, tapered bin, with ridge to hold rain shade and to secure rain shade at optimal space from bottom piece.

Minimal wastage due to outer lip area of the bottom cone.
Adapt to suit your flock numbers 
50x 20+ week old hens@ 120grms feed per day = 28 days feed!!
Easily moved indoors/outdoors depending on age/season/weather

Designed by Heslip's Hatcheries & made locally in Canterbury.

Heslips Hatcheries Poultry Feeder 5

Heslips Hatcheries Poultry Feeder 2

Heslips Hatcheries Poultry Feeder

Heslips Hatcheries Poultry Feeder4

Heslips Hatcheries Poultry Feeder3