About Us

We are a long term established distribution & rearing operation based in the beautiful MacKenzie Basin of the South Island.

We offer a unique service, delivering commercial quality chicks throughout New Zealand and older Brown Layer free range reared stock to most South Island destinations.

The Brown Layer Commercial layer is one of the best egg layers available, and we welcome orders from both backyard owners to larger free range egg producers.

All Heslip's Hatcheries stock are fully vaccinated, non-debeaked and free ranged.

Our controlled pullet rearing operation ensures birds are guaranteed disease and parasite free when sold at Point of Lay.

We are proudly supplied by and associated with:

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Our Commitment

Customers can have confidence in the expected egg production of their hens as well as an offer of support and assistance in all areas of the care and welfare of their birds

Heslip’s Hatcheries is proud to have the support and assistance, when required by Neil Christensen BVSc  (Registered Specialist in avian medicine) -  Avivet  Ltd.



Heslip's Free Range Rearing 2000x 17 week old hens - Feb 09