Heslips Hatcheries

Suppliers of Free Range Laying Hens in the South Island

18 week old Brown Layer Point of Lay hens are available on a monthly basis all year round.

Our business caters to all those wanting quality stock and products, ensuring healthy and happy hens.

Although the core of our business is supplying free range point of lays at 18 weeks old, we aim to cater for the needs of all current and potential chicken owners through our stock & products.

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Day Old Brown Layer Hens*

10 week old Brown Layer Pullets

18 week old Brown Layer Point of Lays*

Day old Meat Birds*


Heslip’s Hatcheries Free Range Feeder – NEW!!!

Heslip’s Hatcheries Free Range Poultry Mash – Starter, Grower & Early Layers

Feeders & drinkers for the backyard owner

Good2Go Tunnel Shed Options & Packages

Leg Tags & Grit

Bell Drinkers



*Delivery Conditions apply

** Delivery & Availability conditions apply